Mexican Chicken/Lime soup

Nathan gave us this recipe – I don’t know it’s source. Ingredients 3 medium onions, diced 1 package cherry tomatoes, halved 2 chicken breasts or equivalent in thighs 2-3 cups chicken bouillon 1 can black beans 1 can (or equivalent frozen) corn fresh cilantro 1 lime, halved (1 half quartered) chili powder sour cream tortilla chips Directions

  • Cook chicken in oil and garlic. When chicken is just done, remove from heat and shred with forks (this can be done in advance)
  • Saute onions until transparent
  • Add chili powder to taste
  • Add shredded chicken, corn, beans and bouillon
  • Chop fresh cilantro, reserve sprigs and stalks. Tie stocks together and add to pot
  • Squeeze one half lime; add rind to pot
  • Add cherry tomatoes
  • Add fresh chopped cilantro

Garnish with lime wedges, sour cream, tortilla chils, and fresh chopped cilantro

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